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 Digitron.hotgoo.net Rules and Regulations

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nai himself

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PostSubject: Digitron.hotgoo.net Rules and Regulations   Fri Aug 03, 2007 10:11 am

Digitron.hotgoo.net Rules and Regulations


1. Content should not violate any persons race, culture, religion and sexuality. Violations may result to user ban.

2. Usernames should not violate Rule #1.

3. Signatures should be of reasonable size and content. Signatures should not contain excessive animations and should not violate Rule #1.

4. Posting of obscene images is strictly prohibited. No pornographic signatures or content may be inserted to any post. Use of harsh language is strictly prohibited. Violations may result to user ban.

5. When creating a new topic, make sure that it is in the appropriate Category-Forum and that it has not yet been discussed. Repeated topics may be deleted on sight. Misplaced topics may be subject to transfer or deletion.

6. Topic Titles should be directly related to the Category-Forum and subject to be discussed.

7. Posts should be related to the topic being discussed.

8. Avoid redundant posts. Such posts may be deleted on sight.

9. Posting of questionnaires for assignments, activities and projects is allowed, but the answers of the said school works are not allowed to be posted. Answers/Links will be deleted in sight. Violations may result to user ban.

10. Do not argue with the enforcement of the Rules and Regulations. Persistent violations may result to user ban.

11. If you encounter any problems in this forum, feel free to PM me, the or any of the moderators.


Enjoy your stay here.... Razz
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Digitron.hotgoo.net Rules and Regulations
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